Volcanologist and Unapologetic Gravity Geek
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Hello and welcome!
I’m a geophysical consultant at MacQueen Geophysical Consulting. I completed my Master’s thesis on geophysics and volcanology at Simon Fraser University. My twin passions are gravimetry and volcanology. I am fascinated by volcanoes both in a geological and a human sense. I am also gravity-mad, endlessly curious to find new applications for gravimetry and techniques for improving existing methods. My research to date has mainly focused on using gravimetry to study volcanoes; however, in the future I hope to do more research on improving and expanding gravity techniques.

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  • patricia m (dot) gravity (at) gmail (dot) com

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Research Photo Magma plumbing system at Cerro Negro volcano, Nicarauga, imaged by Bouguer gravity survey
Field Photo USGS 4-D gravity survey at Kilauea volcano, Hawai`i